Analytical Services and Price List

Note: Quantity and regular user discounts are available on most analyses. Other sample combinations are also available if required. Prices excluding VAT.

Soil Analysis

Full Sample Suites
Standard Soil (P, K, Mg, pH) £15.00 per soil sample
Standard Soil Plus (P, K, Mg, pH, Organic Matter)  £20.00 per soil sample
Broadspectrum (P,K,Ca,Mg,B,Cu,Fe,Mn,Mo,Zn,Na,CEC,pH)
£40.00 per soil sample
P, K, Mg, pH, Cu £20.00 per soil sample
P, K, Mg, pH, B, Cu, Mn £26.00 per soil sample

Individual Sample Combinations
P or K or Mg or S (individually) £10 per soil sample
P, K £11.00 per soil sample
P, K, pH £14.00 per soil sample
B £10.00 per soil sample
Cu or Zn or Mn (individually) £10.00 per soil sample
Cu or Zn or Mn or Fe in combination with above £8.00 extra per element
Ca or Na in combination with above £7.00 extra per element
Cation Exchange Capacity (by measurement) £35.00 per soil sample
Soil Mineral Nitrogen

SMN in fresh soil excl. courier

£14.00 per soil sample

Courier Collection

£20.00 per box (6-12 samples)

Soil Texture Analysis

£5.50 per soil sample

Particle Size Analysis

£42.00 per soil sample

Organic Matter

£8.00 per soil sample
Plant Analysis
Plant Tissue Tests  
Malate:Sulphate Ratio       £16.50 per plant sample     
Total N £12.00 per plant sample
Total N & Total S £20.00 per plant sample
 Broadspectrum Plant  £36.00 per plant sample
Protein Prediction Test £30.00 per sample
Grain Analysis
Total N/Protein                  £13.00 per grain sample
Broadspectrum Grain £42.00 per grain sample

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